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Textile Printing

Whether it be on t-shirts, hoodies, fabric panels, shirts, jackets, aprons, hankies, tea-towels.... we could go on all day the list is endless we'll do our upmost best to deliver a top notch product. 


We only use water based inks and use Eurotex inks who are eco-certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 and suitable for baby clothes.


Our inks are free of Phthalate, PVC, formaldehyde, heavy metals and solvents.


We're not a fan of nasty plastic based ink and neither is our planet so we try our best to reduce the chemicals we use.


We can print up to 4 colours and from a minimum of 20 to 1000 pieces.


We're not a sweat shop, we want to work in a clean, creative environment where every print matters. Its all about the quality not quantity.


Below is what you'll need to get ready for us so we can make the process from design to product into reality.


If you need any help don't hesitate but to email or give us a call...

Your Image...

Your artwork is really important to the quality of printing.


Just so we get a really good shot at producing that great image, heres some tips to help you get it right. 


The Artwork is put onto clear acetate then transferred onto individual screens dependent on how many colours you need printing.


If you could supply your artwork using the following formats this will help the journey go smoothly...

Files should be either PSD (photoshop), AI (illustrator) or JPEG.


All artwork should be at least 300dpi and the actual print size you need printing.


A crisp image with high resolution will ultimatly give you a better image.


Please try and avoid very fine details if printing onto dark fabrics.


If a multi coloured print is required then please layer your artwork so this can be separated onto the acetate film per colour. We can do this for you but will incur a small fee.


We will keep your screens for up to a year unless you repeat orders and then we'll keep them indefinatly.


We can print on a variety of fabrics from cotton, silk, polyester mix..... If you have a product already (shirt, t-shirt, hoodies, dresses, fabric panels ect...) we're more than happy to advise whether printing is a possibility. We love to take on a challenge.
If you want a sharp crisp image we can't print on garments/fabric which have a double layer i.e padding, fleece as the printing surface has to be fixed to our printing boards and have no movement. 
If you want all over t-shirt prints we can do this preferably using 1 colour as the garment will move, also you need to bare in mind the image may get distorted slightly and there will be a build up of ink over seams. All this said they can still look great and incredibly effective.
We can source garments for you to use for your products from quality suppliers. Please click HERE to see the range we can supply.

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