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We can print on a variety of fabrics from cotton, silk, polyester mix..... If you have a product already (shirt, t-shirt, hoodies, dresses, fabric panels ect...) we're more than happy to advise whether printing is a possibility. We love to take on a challenge.
If you want a sharp crisp image we can't print on garments/fabric which have a double layer i.e padding, fleece as the printing surface has to be fixed to our printing boards and have no movement. 
If you want all over t-shirt prints we can do this preferably using 1 colour as the garment will move, also you need to bare in mind the image may get distorted slightly and there will be a build up of ink over seams. All this said they can still look great and incredibly effective.
We can source garments for you to use for your products from quality suppliers. Please click HERE to see the range we can supply.

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