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Our Ethics




We only use 100% Eco Certified water based Inks to screen print with.

This in return creates a clean healthy working environment for our working team, plus makes the printing ultra safe for Baby and Kids wear and above all you know you've done your bit and it makes our

planet happy.




We encourage our customers to buy ethical products on which to print their designs on. Because of our long standing relationship with our biggest supplier Continental Clothing we get competative prices from them. This allows us to then offer affordable prices to our customers, which makes it more achievable for us all to reach the same goal.




We source our products from companies with high ethical standards. 

The majority of the garments that we source are from Continental Clothing, they pioneer in the field of sustainable, ethical, organic, fair trade products.

They supply all of their garments to us in eco-friendly packaging and use DPD as a delivery service who use electric vehicles where possible and offset their carbon emissions.


We try and recycle every piece of paper in the workshop as possible, we use Eco-Friendly paper tape to make our screens so we don't create mountains of plastic.

Coat all the screens right to the edge to reduce the amount of paper tape we use, try to

re-use all our packaging to ship out orders and ask all our suppliers to send sundries using paper packing filler.


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