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Paper, Packaging 
and Poster Prints

There's just something about a hand pulled art print, poster or piece of packaging....the beauty of that near perfect image and slightly raised ink makes us go all gooey...

From bands to artists to just a beautiful way to remote your event or product, we even print packaging from boxes to cd cases. You name it we'll have a go...

If your interested in letting us get our hands on your work to make it special, heres what you'll need... 

Your Image...

Your artwork is really important to the quality of printing.

Just so we get a really good shot at producing that great image, heres some tips to help you get it right. 

The Artwork is put onto clear acetate then transferred onto individual screens dependent on how many colours you need printing.

If you could supply your artwork using the following formats this will help the journey go smoothly...

Files should be either PSD (photoshop), AI (illustrator) or JPEG.


All Artwork should be at least 300dpi and the actual print size you need printing. 


A crisp image with high resolution will ultimatly give you a better image.


If a multi coloured print is required then please layer your artwork so this can be separated onto the acetate film per colour. We can do this for you but will incur a small fee.


We will keep your screens for up to a year unless you repeat orders and then we'll keep them indefinatly.

Choose your paper...

From light and airy news print to a cardboard box we have a selection for you.

We use 100% eco conscious paper products, these are  recycled, recyclable, bio-degradable and compostable. If you'd like a sample pack of paper sent out please email us.  


Standard paper sizes up to A1 can be printed.


We can print any number of colours but bare in mind the more colours the more expensive it gets. 


If you want to send a sample of your paper product to us we'll be happy to take a look and see whats possible. Please take into consideration that the item need will need to be flattened out so we can print on them.


We love a challenge so give us a shout!

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