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The process of getting work printed is a breeze...Well for us anyway.

We get that sorting the artwork ready for us to put onto screen is tricky so here's some helpful tips on how to get this right!!

You can also send it through to us using our WETransfer link so we can check it to make sure it works ok.

Creating high quality artwork is really important to the quality of printing.
The Artwork is put onto clear acetate then transferred onto individual screens dependent on how many colours you need printing.

If you could supply your artwork using the following formats this will help the journey go smoothly...

Files should be either PSD (photoshop), AI (illustrator) or JPEG.
All Artwork should be at least 300dpi and the actual print size you want printing onto your garments.
A crisp image with high resolution will ultimatly give you a better image.
If a multi coloured print is required then please layer your artwork so this can be separated onto the acetate film per colour. We can do this for you but will incur a small fee.
We will keep your screens for up to a year unless you repeat orders and then we'll keep them indefinatly.

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